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Strip for 11/14/2001  
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This is my David Mamet tribute strip. I went to see his latest film (Heist) last weekend and it was quite an enjoyable flick, although the guy next to me wouldn't stop emanating a foul stench. I swear, his BO had character. The sort of evil character that twirls its mustache as it puts fair maidens in front of oncoming locomotives...

Anyway, David Mamet rules. I remember when Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind performed for us freshman year. they had to do a David Mamet scene and they just swore all the time. That's where this strip came from. There's so much more to his dialogue, like the rhythms and the repetition. So really, that's where this strip came from.

I saw thie film with Sheila, who will be happy at being finally mentioned by name. She also showed me this color quiz which was scarily accurate for me. All these feelings of inadequacy, and the way I try to find friends... it was spot on... I don't know how i feel about getting analyzed by a bunch of colored squares.

Final not about Mamet... sorry for the name drop, Sourdoug.

Kiba sent me this super spiff tiny banner.

I finally got my laptop back! I'd forgotten how cool mobile computing is. Also, my Airport in my apartment is now useful again. Speaking of that... Airport 2 is out... and I"m al ittle underwhlemed. I expected 802.11a, and to just get another Ethernet port and 128 bit encryption seems not too amazing.

What is amazing is the second city in Grand Theft Auto 3. Wow. I can't wait to waste a bunch of time on that.

I'm rereading everything Nick Hornby has done. In novel or short story form. So good...

I tried to find a theme mp3 for this newspost, but nothing's rising to the surface but the theme from the Heist which I can't seem to find anywhere.

Final note: I have filet mignon for dinner tomorrow. I'm quite excited. Gotta defrost it. I never thought I'd be saying things like this.