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Strip for 11/24/2001  
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Truth is, I haven't even gotten to play MGS 2 yet. I elected not to bring my PS2 home for Thanksgiving, so that I'd actually spend time with people instead of burrowing into the basement where the big TV lives. Plus, I hear it's short, so I'm not sure if I want to use it all up this weekend.

Like I said, I played a lot of Dead or Alive 3 with Adam on his big bad black Xbox. I don't want my comments during the last strip to imply that I don't appreciate the fine work that the makers (Tecmo) put into this masterpiece of fighting. While the gameplay is the same, the graphics most definitely are not. Jaw dropping, I must say, and you know, even after we started playing with male characters, it was still a fun game. So we're not just in it for the "She kicks high" aspect of the game, although, you know, when you're a lonely engineering student, it certainly doesn't hurt.

I don't want to get into the weird Freudian issues of controlling likenesses of beautiful women in a virtual arena, but let me just say that Christie rocks. She's much better than the other new female character.

So anyway, Thanksgiving was nice. I got to have 2 meals, one on Thursday at my brother in law's parents house, and then one tonight here. I really couldn't enjoy either meal to its fullest due to the fact that I bit my tongue in my sleep a couple days ago. It's made eating a special challenge, so I took even longer to eat than usual. Hopefully it heals soon and I can then enjoy leftovers.

I saw Shallow Hal on Wednesday with Jason. It wasn't as uproarious as I expected, but hey, any excuse to ogle Gwyneth is fine by me. As for the message of the film, I'm not entirely convinced. The thing was that Hal could meet women and do OK with them since he was hitting on ugly ones, or ones "in his league." I'm not sure if I like so much the concept of leagues, since I usually feel like the women I'm attracted to are so far out of my league that they are indeed playing a wholly different sport altogether. Mitch said the same moral seemed to come from Shrek. If you're ugly, then find someone as ugly as yourself to be happy.

And that's a depressing thought. So, go on. Reach high. And never, ever settle.