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Strip for 12/5/2001  
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This strip is my first attempt at consciously using a spiff art concept like a polyptych in Scrubs. Thank yous to Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics. I first read the book last year but haven't tried these sorts of things yet. The polyptych is the use of figures moving over a continous background. When Scrubs is one day studied as literature, the prof will ask, "So what is striking about Kip's use of a polyptych in 20011205?" And some student who managed to squirrel away this archive will say, "It's striking that he put so much time into a strip the night before his Second City Touring Company audition."

About the strip itself: Mmmm, choose your own adventure. What great ideas. I think that the interactive toys of today are actually worse off because they don't offer the same sort of godlike power to see behind the curtain. For example, in Metal Gear Solid 2, I sometimes think, "well, did that event have to happen?" And I can't see into the game logic to see if yes, yes it had to. Sometimes it sucks, since you try really hard to do something and then the story says, "Oh, that was a waste of time. Moving on." Do I really have hard regrets in my life? Hm. I think this is more fruit for writing...

You know, I get more ideas for Scrubs while writing these blurbs than anything else. Following Lee, I've started to just keep a text file around into which I jot down quick one liners and situations as I type this other stuff.

I hadn't been out to the lake since the school year started. This was rectified last night around midnight. Thanks, midnight walking buddy.

It's final: I'm living with Jason and Rick next year. Does this mean that Jason will get into strips at last? Hm... we'll see how funny he is. And if he cleans the bathroom.