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Strip for 12/12/2001  
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I have my lone final tomorrow, so bear with me if this is short.

So, the male escort agency strip prompted so many fan mails (I'll admit, only 4, but that's a lot for me) that I decided to keep going. And hey, while the material's fresh, it's fresh, right? A friend or two remarked that they seem incredibly bitter, but again, readership is level with this whole bitterness fueled artistic inspiration kick, so I think I'm hitting our target audience in the soul, where it'll resonate a bit.

Some might say that this stuff is going to be a self fulfilling prophecy and that any girl in her right mind reading this stuff will be totally turned off but what the hell, a few more romantic setbacks and I'll start looking for my "Become a Jesuit" brochures from high school. So damn the torpedoes and let's see what other strips I have in me.

I apaologize for my lack of artistic skill in the first couple panels. I'm a big fan of the third panel for it's use of blank space to convey the emptiness felt when you drop off someone you really enjoy talking to. You sort of want to call them up and continue the conversation but then you remember you have a final the next day.

K, I think that's enough talking about the strip. I really don't want to talk about my personal life (that's a first, huh?) so I'll leave you with some base rambling thoughts.

Ramble #1: I have to clean my apartment so as not to shock Sil when she moves in. It's not for another couple of weeks, but...

Ramble #2: I didn't get into the other show I was trying out for so I get to go home at the regular time. I'm a little more depressed about this one (which is to say a smidgen) because it would have been a chance to work with Armando Diaz and also because I thought I did much better in that audition than the one for TourCo. A couple more rejections and I'll have to seriously reconsider this whole "year off for improv" thing. See, when I first made that decision, I was operating under the assumption that I didn't suck as much as I am currently sucking.

Ramble #3: I didn't want to spoil the surprise for my folks, but what the heck. My earring fell out this morning (I'll give those of you who haven't seen me a second to reconcile the mental idea that I have/had and earring). I was thinking of taking it out anyway, so this morning's loss of the rear barbell just was a sign tht perhaps I should lose the piercing before my Uncle Peter finds out I had one. If my parents disapproval of my earring was a 1, Uncle Peter's would be a 100. On a log scale. So, I have no more earring, and I keep rubbing the hole, sort of missing it.

Take care, especially you 4 emailers. You know who you are.


PS: I know I'm desperately late to this linking party, but help this guy out by clicking here. He needs 111,111,111 hits to his webpage to impress a girl. I would never make this sort of agreement with a female, merely because I know the traffic stats on kipster.org. For those of you who don't believe in clicking without some prior knowledge, there's a Register article on him and some Ananova action as well. Personally, it's all probably some fake way of him launching her German film career or something, but if it's real, my heart goes out to you, buddy. Chasing a girl who knows her way around the web. Godspeed.