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Strip for 12/19/2001  
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Christmas is indeed upon us and I started my shopping. This strip was conceived in the shower (the only type of thing that will ever be conceived in my shower. Oh wait, that and mold...). I hate being a bother to salesclerks, especially around Xmas time. I try to ask them questions only after extensive searching. I actually did do the dreaded, "Do you have another size in back?" while getting a new coat at Eddie Bauer. I felt really bad about it. Later on, I heard this lady at Pottery Barn grousing to a clerk about how their store was really laid out improperly and I added them to the first idea. I'm not sure if the strip's funny anymore, but it is sorta true...

Lia's back in the strip, in a totally fictional version. I'm not sure if she's ever worked retail, or if she would act like this if she did... but hey, new hair! Sweet!

I'm back in contacts after about 3 weeks in glasses. First thing to note is that my glasses have a weaker prescription than these things, and so I actually feel taller because when I look down, the ground appears farther away. Score! Also, I really don't miss having dust collectors oon my face. Funally, my niece was developing the troubling habit of grabbing the bridge of the frames and wrenching down as I carry her. This is no longer a problem (although my new hazard is getting poked in the eye by her fingers).

I love being at home. I'm eating way too much, but I don't really care.

My dad just bought all this exercise equipment so perhaps I'll begin working out. I'd be a lot more inclined to do so if he didn't tell me almost every day how I need to start bulking up. I don't want to be bulky. I'd be happy to take up a martial art again and feel like a badass (to match my new coat, I must say, I feel like quite the badass in this thing).

Oh, I don't want you readers to think that my life is going poorly because I don't want to talk about it. I'm actually feeling really good and I don't want to jinx anything by mentioning it. So... I'm not mentioning it. Unless bad stuff happens. It's easier to write about the bad stuff anyway. Here's hoping for writer's block...


PS: I am going to see the Lord of the Rings today! Capsule review to follow whenever I get back.