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Strip for 1/19/2002  
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Strip is up. Sorry for the delay. Someone once asked me if webcomic artists have an unnatural amount of emotional turmoil and I responded that if we didn't, we'd have nothing to write about.

But sometimes strips get late, when life's going on.


I feel like I'm walking a tightrope of happiness. An errant wind or word could send me into not so happy places, but for now, I'm standing tall, trying not to tremble. What I'd really like is a safety line, but something tells me that being unsafe is part of the thrill. Nevertheless, I'm sorta anxious to get done with the tightrope walking portion and proceed to the portion of the trip that consists of me saying, "Gosh, that tightrope was fun, I'm proud I did it, but there'd better be another way back."

It's my dad's birthday on the 20th. Happy birthday, Dad! I have a strong bond with my father, and not just because I look so much like him. I'll admit to being a little snot in my youth and being in a generally bad mood from about age 12-14. I think what turned me around was my dad, not by scolding or spanking, but just by good example. I wanted to be a good person because he was. What helped was knowing that he wasn't perfect. It's hard to really connect with a godlike authority figure. Much easier to love a fallible guy who does his best. Nowadays, I go home, and laugh at his struggles with technology, and help him with his computer. We play videogames. We do kung fu exercises (pushing hands). We eat ice cream. I think the best part of my dad is that at the core, he's still a kid. When he gets excited, his eyes crinkle at the edges. My dad enjoys life. I enjoy my dad.

Love you, Dad.