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Strip for 1/1/2001  
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This strip was written closer to our 21st birthdays, but you know, there's some lag time. Anyway, as graduation looms closer and closer, Sil and I should be thinking more of our futures. And yet, it's so much easier to say, "Heck, still a kid!" and play Puzzle Fighter. Well, that works for me, I'm pretty underworked this quarter. Sil, on the other hand is working off a huge backload. I go to sleep, she's still working. I wake up, she's still working. It's crazy.

Like I said, I'm trying out for ComedySportz in a couple weeks. Based on the horrendous improv I did tonight with the group I'm directing, I need major work on my skillz. I'd also love to work for IDEO, but what do I have to offer them, really?

I found this nifty toy today. Skeleton! Make him walk! It's cool. Now make him a duo. So cool.

The Block Museum at our school is showing Hong Kong kung fu films on Saturdays at 8. How cool is that? Twin Girl and I were trying to decide where to hang out on Saturday. I suggested one of these films and her response was less than enthusiastic. Evidently the Crippled Avengers, which showed last Sat, is an amazing film. Sil's seen it and could not stop extolling its myriad of virtues. So instead we went to see the Shipping News, which was based on the Pulitzer Prize winning novel of the same name. I read the book over Winter Break and it was entertaining, but... the Pulitzer? The movie was sort of the same way... entertaining, but ultimately just sort of so so.

I want to win the Pulitzer some day. :-) I'll just leave that out there.

I also saw Black Hawk Down on Monday night. That movie was intense. Hard to watch. I want to read the book.

Speaking of books, I have $30 to spend at Barnes and Noble. Suggestions for good books should go to books@kipster.org.The readers with the best taste in books will be rewarded with a mention. I'm into modern fiction (ie whiny stuff). I read Sputnik Sweetheart by Haruki Murakami yesterday and liked it (I'm going to reread the end to make sure I got it since I finished it late last night). I also want to read Take the Cannoli by Sarah Vowell. Alright, suggest away.

Chicago Trib article on webcomics... And Scrubs is not mentioned. We need to get the name out, I'm serious. :-)

What's the fine line between dropping everything to do stuff for a girl (and therefore losing dignity) and being seen as not going the extra mile to show caring? If anyone can fill me in, I'd be indebted. Greatly.