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Strip for 2/6/2002  
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Alright, I promise, this is the only "blackout" strip we'll ever have. Promise. I don't think any comic hasn't resorted to the "blackout" strip at one point in its life or another. So, this strip not only has meta humor (which I hate to fall back on) but the most famous of art cop outs. Yeah. Got a problem with that?

So anyway, the reason I feel justfied in using such a tired old hack convention is that we do manage to zap the circuit breaker if we run any three of the following at the same time: TV, toaster oven, microwave, Foreman grill, traitor (my Athlon), the halogen light, the amp, nightlights, you know... Things have gotten better since my mother passed on her newer toaster oven instead of the short circuiting POS that my old roommate left behind. This one doesn't smell like things are burning when you use it, so really, pluses all around.

I had a really fun show tonight with the old improv group. We did this new thing where we talk to the audience conversation style for a bit before taking their words and using them for inspiration in the piece. They seemed to like it. It's sad, but I really did my best tonight because there was this girl (Gina) in the audience. I'm not interested in Gina anymore, and she and her friends were there to see Mark, but I still feel the need to impress her. So every show she's at (few of them), I manage to push my shining happy ideas into the spotlight more than usual.

This week suddenly seems so freakin' busy. The problem is that we got a whiteboard for the apartment and we put our schedules up so we can know where and when each other will be around. I also put up some longer term things to do and man, so many commitments in the next few days.

On that note, I need to sleep. My first midterm of the quarter is tomorrow. Sil and I both have it (macroecon) and we're not terribly worried. Still, sleep good.

Final note: I rechecked my graduation sheets and now I only have 1 class left to take next quarter, as I thought originally. Yay, me! Spring quarter slackerdom, here I come.