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Strip for 2/9/2002

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The strip's a little late. Forgive us.

This strip's been bobbling in my head since last year, but it wasn't until we started going to the bar weekly this year that I inally wrote it down. Last quarter, Rick and Jason and I would go on Tuesdays, because we didn't have class on Wednesdays until late. This quarter, we go on Thursdays, but our group has grown double in size and is no longer an ugly all male affair. So we don't go to scope out women anymore.

I really value the Thursday night outing, however. Rick's working downtown this quarter and Jason's been busy, so it's nice to have a set time a week to be able to see them. Not saying I don't see them otherwise, but it is nice to have time set aside.

Speaking of seeing Rick, on Friday night, Sil and I hosted our first dinner party. I cooked tenderloin and Sheila and Jenny brought bread and cheese and wine and broccoli and a cake. Hm, who was hosting this thing anyway? We didn't have enough utensils, so I had to cut the meat into pieces for everyone and we had to do a quick wash of the forks before we served the cake. And we drank the wine from any random cups we could find. Ah, college, the only time it's OK to drink wine out of plastic cups at a dinner.

Speaking of Friday night, Sheila and Jenny win the good sport award for playing Bond with Rick and I. They played three of them against me on the escort sniper map. They really got into it in the end, which is what we were going for. I can usually kick butt on that level, but with the three of them targetting my VIP I really had a hard time keeping up towards the last game of the night (which I barely won, 26 to 24).

Speaking of... well heck, there's no link to this. Had to drive to the airport today and get my brother's car. We do this for my parents when they have ungodly early flights. This was the first time I've done this for my brother and I must say, I felt like a secret operative, getting dropped off at the gate and then navigating through the inside of the airport to the parking spot. Opened the glove compartment and the ticket to leave was inside. I felt pretty smooth up until I gave the car too much gas and lurched out of the spot. Ah, stickshift cars... I drive stick normally, but I've become pretty accustomed to my Golf's light touch on the clutch and heavy use of the gas. Just the reverse on my brother's Sentra, which is teal, in case you were wondering. Lurch lurch lurch out of the garage, but I handled getting home, obviously.

Geeks, I'm looking for a new laptop HD for my iBook. My stock IBM Travelstar is getting really loud and so I want to replace it and put the current one into a Firewire enclosure. Can anyone suggest a good laptop drive that won't have noise issues?

Link time: my brother found this hypertext puzzle.

I'm always late linking this thing, but there's a new Stickfighting movie. I'm not sure if I'm a fan of the new additions, but I guess he wants to keep paying homage to more and more action movies.