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Strip for 2/16/2002  
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Another Valentine's Day comes and goes and I did nothing romantic for the day. My friend Jenny and I had planned to do a nondate going out to dinner somewhere in the city, but then Sil and I were looking through the freezer at all the food piling up within and decided to amend plans. So, Sil cooked up stir fry, Jenny and I got an awesome dessert (Apple Brown Betty, mmm), and our friend Mike supplied oil and a metal spatula. We had dinner really late, and then watched the Olympics. Then we played hearts and ate some more. I am ashamed to say, a button popped off my pants. I'm even more ashamed to say that I'm sorta fuzzy on the exact method of sewing it back on.

The idea for this strip came from, big shock, real life. Sil was asked for a quote early in the morning on Wed and we were discussing it later. I realize Scrubs has been overdosing on the reality the past month or so, so, watch out for our upcoming storyline...

I've only been in a relationship for one Valentine's Day. I don't remember what I did last year, but I painfully remember sophomore year and Quad Girl. This year was nice: no pressure, no fuss, just good conversation and food (oh, that Brown Betty was so delicious). Jenny said it was her best V-Day admitting that it wasn't that hard to do, but still, a valid judgement. I guess I'm growing up; I don't need some sort of romance on a culturally designated mushy day. But is that a sign of me losing my romantic side?

Sigh, hope not. I kinda liked that part of me. Sure it drove me crazy. But it was my trait, one of my defining characteristics, dammit. Now who the hell am I?

A geek, that's for sure. Due to an early commitment Sat. morning, I had the most boring Fri night. During the day, did laundry, and got Medal of Honor. Then while Sil worked on a paper, I played lots and lots of this game. Whee, fun. I'm a big fan of the feel of the game, right down to the stirring Saving Private Ryan theme music. I'm not a fan of rocket launchers and grenades in multiplayer (why can't we all just use bullet weapons?) but it was a lot of fun trying to take Omaha Beach with a group of 10 working together. I'm a pretty good sniper and a decent submachine gun player.

This lead to a discussion between Sil and I on videogames glorifying war and how some vets must be turning over in their grave to see their experiences turned into Fri night entertainment. More on this in a later strip.

People say this every time, but I'll ask rhetorically again, why does NBC feel the need to inject all their Olympic coverage with unnecessary hoopla? The Canadians got the gold too now. Can we please stop talking about it??? Sigh. I just wanna see the sports! I am glad to have cable, so that I can watch coverage during the day on MSNBC or CNBC, so I guess the multiple networks thing works out after all.

I need a headshot for my ComedySportz audition on Tuesday. This audition is pretty important to me, so you'd think I would've been more on top of getting headshots done... but I was hoping a friend could do it and then he got too busy. So I'm being ghetto with a digital headshot again, which Second City didn't seem to like. Fingers crossed that in the end, it'll be about the improv, not how professional my resume looks.


PS: Quick site note, I moved the archive page to a "Year 1" page and now the archive.html page is strictly for Year 2. Oooo.