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Strip for 3/20/2002  
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Kip here,

Sorry about the lack of updates. Since I usually move around in places that have broadband access, this being on the road thing really shocked me. 33333 bps? Ew. This is funny because for so many years, 14.4k was lightspeed (You mean 100k won't take 30 minutes? Score!)

Anyway, Sil thought that she could get me the strips while she's in CA. And I thought I'd be able to post them from FL. Oh no. So hey, bear with us. We're on our last Spring Breaks here. Soon we'll be working and being able to (being forced to, even) take a break for a week will be a huge luxury that will often go unindulged.

I can't give you a new comic, but I can promise to put up a log of the FL trip, perhaps with pictures, when I return.

good 'nuff?

good. :-)



I'm back! Enough of evil Sil with her misdirecting ways.

I love the little men onscreen in the first panel of this strip. Something about them just calls to me.

This strip is about my experiences as an improv director. It's easy to praise people in improv, and it's hard to criticize their moves. However, after several months of it, I worry that I've started to enjoy nitpicking too much. It really is to help them. Help them with nitpicking.

We had some improv shows last night at Nevin's Live. It was an interesting venue. Faraway audience, strange lights (orange faces on the right side of the stage! oh wait, now they're white!) The people running it were very nice, as was the band who played with us and stayed to watch our second set. Yay, nice people.

The stuff in my life that clogged my brain and prevented me from writing a very good blurb last Sat actually wasn't girl related. Shocker as my friend Jenny would say. So, this whole weekend I was thinking, "Gosh, I've been so worked up about Twin Girl, but it's a piddling matter compared to one's mortality."

Today I lost my mature attitude, and it was just a few days old.. Twin Girl and her guy are reunited, if not blissfully, then on their way to it. Yee-frickin'-haw. I'm a little more upset at myself than anything else, since my reaction to the news over lunch today just proves how much hope I had that when she was done with her alone time, we would still have a shot. So, this is another little death of my heart, but hopefully (there's that four letter "h" word again) the last one for this girl. It didn't help that she got this haircut and looks better than ever... But then, they always do, don't they?

Sil leaves tomorrow for her Spring Break and I go home on Thurs to get in some niece time and then Jason and I are driving down to Florida on Saturday to meet up with Rick.

Change of scenery, yay.

Link time (also yay, right?):

I spent way too much time at OC Remix after reading this article on Salon. If you go, I suggest the Street Fighter arrangements.

Khai sent this Mensa quiz. No cheating, now. I'm at 22 and counting. The parsing in the excel spreadsheet is sorta messed up, so if you really think you're right, experiment with the typing of the answers a bit. For example, "13=UFS" should be "13 is U F S".

k, I'm outta here.

See you on the road.