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Strip for 4/3/2002  
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I don't have a strip for you. However, I do have a tale of epic travels, adventures, and song. Yes, I finished the Spring Break website. It is here. Read and enjoy, or just look at the pictures. Update: The problem with the next links not appearing has been fixed. You aren't allowed to put numbers into CSS Styles, at least in IE5. Weenies.

As for life, well, spring quarter is starting out well. I only had one class this week due to one of my classes being cancelled and me dropping another since I didn't have the prereq for it. I had to find new classes, so I picked up this one called Multimedia Software Development (a fancy name for a class on Director and Flash) and I'm trying to get into this CS class taught by Don Norman, who used to head Apple's Advanced Technology department. It's going to be hard to get in, since every grad student from CS and Learning Sciences is taking it, but we'll see what happens. Even if I don't get into it, I may go to lecture. And if I don't have it, then here's my week: one class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. That's it.

But I think I need to stay busy or else I'm just going to get eaten up by brooding.

Oo, finding a job, that'd be a good idea.



Hey, we're back! Thanks for hanging in there.

This strip looks amazing, doesn't it? Go Sil!

So, school has started, but not really. There were no classes on Monday and then in the registrar's infinite wisdom, Tuesday's classes where the ones missed on Monday. Tuesday was skipped and now Wednesday is normal, but it's not really, because my only class on Wednesday had been switched to Tuesday but no one saw the change in his webpage so hey, I have another day off. I haven't had a class in... a long time.

That doesn't mean things are smooth though. One of my classes actually got cancelled and so today and the rest of this week will be spent playing the "beg to get into classes so that Kip can graduate" game.

I'm working on the vacation page. It'll be up on kipster.org, not under the scrubs site. Look for it by the end of the week. The pictures turned out well, and I'm really attached to my digital camera now... or I was until I found out I could get the new model for $100 less than I paid for this one. Gaaaa! I love/hate the pace of technology.

I read two books this break that really sat up and grabbed me. The first was The Code Book by Simon Singh. I knew a lot of the crypto stuff already, but he really put it together well, I felt. I think this is the first time I've taken a nonfiction book on vacation... The second book is called Ghostwritten by David Mitchell. I read a review of his new book, Number9Dream, but I got his first book because it was a paperback so cheaper and lighter. Anyway, this book is told through 9 characters. And their stories have these little connections between them that are really well done. I know, it's not a new idea. But it's rare to see it done so well. At my improv rehearsal, I tried to make an exercise that would replicate the book experience a bit. I'm working on it.

My new activity this quarter: aikido! Sil and Jenny are going to take classes too. The website seems a little new agey (I just want to learn wrist locks and weapons, you know?) but first class is free so it can't hurt to take a look.

So, soon Sil and I will have Grammar Police type martial arts skills. Soon.