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Strip for 4/26/2002  
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Sharp eyed and long memoried readers will notice that the man interviewing Sil is actually the CEO of Cybiko.

All of my recent interviews for jobs have been on the phone. I think my last face to face interview was when I applied to be a senior computer consultant. I actually did have to answer technical questions, brainteasers, and a takehome question. But I knew everyone interviewing me, so it wasn't too bad. I've had to give those interviews in the last two years and evidently I'm an entirely different person when I'm on the prowl for that one question which will get through someone's "interview persona" and show who is lurking underneath. There are a couple questions that I like to ask to see how the candidate thinks. There's the lamppost question, which is, "Tell me how many lampposts are between Chicago and San Francisco?" The question is intentionally vague. We tell them that we don't care what the answer is, just that they have one and that they take us through their thought process so we can see how they get there. There are the people who really get into the question and make all sorts of calc equations to estimate. Others just give really cursory answers, but then try to backpedal when they realize what we're after. And the rare few who just say, "11,548" and stare at you.

I wish I had Sil's art talent. I mean, who wouldn't? I don't think I'd draw naked women all the time. I'd probably sit in coffeeshops and sketch beautiful women I saw there (from the neck up) and hope that it would strike up a conversation.

I was going to be independent Kip and go down the to city on Tuesday night for storytelling night at Uncommon Ground. Unfortunately, Tuesday was the first night that I forgot my keys. Sil was gone by the time I got back from class and so I called Jason and hung out with him, waiting for her to return. We got bored just sitting around, so we decided to go to buy this obscure local CD (Evidence) in Lincoln Park (the closest store that had it, Tower). It was a nice spur of the moment, let's go do something episode. I decided to get some other CDs I've been looking at, White Stripes White Blood Cells and Ben Kweller's eponymous album.

Do you notice how music you get together is linked in your mind? These are three pretty different bands, but they've been what's in the changer for the past couple days so forever will the slightly geeky tones of Mr. Kweller also remind me of the harder music of the White Stripes.

I keep typing "White Stripes" "White Strips." Have you seen their music video? Go! See it!

So anyway, since storytelling night didn't work out, I'm making hard firm plans to go in two weeks. I have my story picked out already. I would practice it, but I don't want to psyche myself out.

I was having a pretty crappy week, but Wednesday made up for all. I went to lunch with Tech Girl and then ran some random errands with her and got a hug and... and... sigh.

"You're not going to obsess, are you Kip?" is what Sil said. I told her, and Jenny later, that I'm pretty realistic about the fact that she probably not interested and even if she were, we're on two different plates, spinning away from each other at this time of life. But I just want to spend time with her, and Gina, and know that such amazingly awesome women (I included Sil and Jenny in this) exist in the world.

That's healthy, right?


PS. I found this strip called Self Insert last week through the referrer logs. I clicked over and saw this strip and thought that the Kip portrayed was supposed to be me. I felt flattered and then felt inadequate until I looked through the archive and saw that they have their own Kip. I know I have no monopoly over the name, but it's still weird to see it elsewhere.