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Strip for 5/4/2002  
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Ah, the flipping of personality. This scene gets repeated a lot in our apartment, with me coming home and calling out "Sil?" Then, from the couch will emerge this hand, as if that implement has the appropriate sense organs required to discern who just entered. Then a tousled head pops up. It's very funny. I tell her about my night, but she doesn't really understand what I'm saying. Then I make her go to bed properly, with contacts out and stuff, so she doesn't have that cement in your eye feeling the next day. She swears our couch is more comfortable than her bed, due to the IKEA pillow we've got on there, but I guess I'm just a stickler for keeping sleeping space and work space separate.

So I just saw Spiderman. I liked it a lot. Way more than X-Men. I guess it's easier to adapt a comic about one central character than one with a pretty strong dramatis personae who each have fans that you're going to annoy by leaving out or changing a lot. Anyway, it was a most entertaining movie. The only part that made me go "ergh" was the jumping onto the American flag bit that you see in the trailers. A) the flag looks really fake and B) it was pretty superfluous. Kirsten Dunst is swoonworthy (although, what would Alyson Hannigan have brought to the role? :-) ). Tobey Maguire brought some nifty bits of comedy to the role.

In short, it's a movie that makes me want to make movies, or anything, really, that will make people feel something.

I had to see it this weekend, because I knew that the possibility of the movie getting wrecked for me got greater and greater as time went on and more people I knew saw it. I'm greatly indebted to Danny for spending the first really nice day in a while with me, indoors, when he could've been playing tennis. And it wasn't even matinee price, as i had thought. Matinees are only until 2 in the bizarro universe that Century Theatres lives in.

It was Rick's b-day on Thursday, but unfortunately I was battling this killer cold that hit out of nowhere Wednesday. So I had to skip his dinner, but Friday, while he was with his family, Sheila organized this grand project to makeover his room. In charge were the most stylish people I know (Jory, Sheila, and Jason). I just helped build stuff. Anyway, we painted, and we made a headboard out of smaller boards (upholstering each one). I had to leave early (still suffering cold aftermath) but I hear it looks amazing.

Speaking of, Sunday is my mom's birthday. Happy birthday, Mom!