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Strip for 6/15/2002  
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I think this was the first time Scrubs has gone for more than a week without an update. Again, apologies...

This scene actually happened to me today. Minus the machines giving each other a high five, but I think one of them might have called me "monkey" as I scurried back and forth from machine to machine. What I hate is that the machines don't tell you that anything is wrong until after you've gone through a few menus. Bad bad bad UI!

Speaking of being called "monkey," Elaina was in town visiting, which is another reason why no strips were made. I guess technically she is still in town, but as she's not staying with us now, I have time to write / draw instead of playing host. It's tiring business, entertaining someone 24 hours a day. But hey, I haven't seen her all year, so there were 52 weeks to catch up. Compress that into 2.5 days. Tough, huh?

I hate to make promises that I have no control over, but word from Sil is that there are 5 Scrubs strips left. We have one more one off comic and then a 4 strip ending, which has not yet been written. I've got sort of an idea about it, but intent and outcome far from one another and, according to Neil Gaiman, rarely coincident. I wish I could end Scrubs as well as the Kindly Ones ended the Sandman series, but that would have required a lot more foresight in the writing of Scrubs...

K, enough ending talk for now.

Graduation is in a week. This is Senior Week, and it's the last hurrah to go out, party, etc. But, everyone I usually hang out with is not only staying around next year, but I'm living with them. But that's not keeping me from going out with them, um, every night. Until tonight. Isn't that funny? I've been out every night this week, and then I'm at home on a Friday. I guess that sums up my undergrad career (minus the going out during the week business).

3 hours later

Ok, so Jason, Jenny and Rick just picked me up and we hung out in the apartment for a while. So I'm weak.

I'm getting tired, so I should wrap this up. Happy Father's Day to all the fathers out there, 'specially my dad and also my brother in law (it's his first Father's Day as a father). Update: I was just reminded by my sister that it's Devin's second Father's Day as a father. But it's his first Father's Day with an interactive daughter (and I was in an altered state of consciousness last night) so.... yeah.

I'm so tired because a condo building is going up across the street. They start work every morning at 8. Loud work.

K, I'll stop whining now.


Late Addition: Wow, this blurb was not one of my better ones. I blame it on spending so much time wrangling the art for the strip. To make up for it, here's a song, Jellyfish - All I Want Is Everything.

ever since i was a twinkle in my
father's pants
they told me i could have it all and
more when given chance
"we'll get you anything you
a ferrari on my 16th birthday
"we'll get you anything that
you need"
but what i need from you is so
much more
all i wanna be is wanted
all i wanna be wanted by you
all i wanna be is wanted
all i want is everything
i think i'd like to play guitar and
be a beatle that would be so swell
and every show i would just dedicate this
song to you
and i would envy all my fans
while i bitch aout the price of fame
to my french maid low-ann
she looks so sincere but she don't understand
all i want is to be wanted...