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Strip for 7/13/2002  
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Stripey really does have quite crumpled collar and it only gets ironed when I take my laundry home and my mom feels that me walking around with such a shirt makes her look like a bad mother. I do do my own laundry at home, and I iron other shirts. It's just that Stripey is just one of those crumpled up in a backpack just in case shirts. You know those shirts.

Another weekend over and another group of campers. I don't want to bore you with just camp stories, but really that's my life right now. Sorry.

I got absolutely rocked during the Friday water games. We take the kids out to this meadow with a bunch of buckets and sponges and we play games and get them really soaked. I didn't realize that as lead instructor, every kid wants a piece of me. I told them that if they hit one of the counselors, all the other counselors would be after them, but the kids did a good job of dividing and conquering us. I do notice after two weeks that the kids I work the hardest during the week come after me the most during water games. This week, I only have three students, and I'm pretty confident I could take any of them, one on one.

This was a great weekend, but I really can't say why due to the Scrubs master storyline not ending.

One icky spot: I got the new Belle and Sebastian CD on Friday but then I left it at the restaurant and then I called the next day and poof, it had disappeared. A sacrifice to the weekend deity which granted me a full weekend of fun. A small price to pay. But I was looking forward to hearing that CD. Now, quick ethical question: since I bought the CD, am I entitled to rip someone else's copy?

I'm two thirds way through The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. I was totally hooked by the first half, but having to read the later bits in stops and starts really hurts the narrative. Man, I wish I could write a long novel. With events that happen early that mean something later. With development and stuff. I reread the start to my basically autobiographical novel that I started around the same time as Scrubs and it was interesting, but I think only to me.

I have a whole stack of books to read now, among them Coraline from Neil Gaiman, White Teeth by Zadie Smith and If ona winter's nigth a traveler, by Italo Calvino. Not necessarily in that order. This should carry me through the summer, along with the castoff magazines I pick up in the lobby of the dorm where out lab is.

Monday night I'm going to Wrigleyville to eat shabu shabu with Jason and some friends. Very excited. I was going to ask for that night off, but I held off and lo and behold, I'd been given it already. Yay for not being a pest.

Wish I were listening to Belle and Sebastian,