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Strip for 7/27/2002  
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The summer update schedule continues! Next week is the last week of camp, so I should be a bit more regular for the month of August. August will also bring the new weblog, which will be update much more frequently, since there doesn't have to be a new strip for me to write new entries. So, look for that in mid August. Then in September, or whenever Scrubs wraps up, my new strip will launch. It's called 614.

Anyway, my brain is blanking on everything I wanted to talk about.

It's true, about keying (the process of making connectors only fit one way). It's especially true in the computer world today, with ink cartridges, IDE cables (some of them), USB and FireWire... It really does make life easier, although you feel like a putz when things don't go in on the first try. I had to take apart and put back together a couple computers a week or two ago while talking with tech support. It was a rented box, so we weren't sure if it was OK to pull them apart, so I was trying to stall on the phone while I put stuff back together. I kept saying, "Whoops, I pulled out the power cord again, give me a second," while really I was trying to get the power and IDE cables into the drive. "It's coming up now... hm, see a blank screen."

Wow, that sounded geeky. On Wednesday I saw Laurel's Chicago standup debut. It was at the Elevated (Sheffield and Diversey). She rocked the house (most of whom were there to see her anyway). It was nice to hear some non geek and older than 13 year old humor for a while. One of the comics started ripping on Asian people and I was pissed, but then I thought, "If I were up there, I'd probably rip on Asian people also." What gives me the right and not him? I'd like to try standup, although my style is for longer stories than quick one liners. Watch me put it on my list of stuff to do next year! Ask me about it later and hear me say, "Oh, that, right. Right."

I didn't talk much about it at the time, but I'm really missing Audiogalaxy now. My friend Kate told me about a few more bands, like Field Mice (Kate's the one who introduced me to the Magnetic Fields) and I can't check them out. I can't even find the CD's at the local indie music establishment, so I just sit and think about how it could sound.

More guitar! More synth! More!

I hate wrestlers. I apologize to any readers who do wrestle, but based on the comportment of your compatriots who are currently here for wrestling camp, wrestlers are total asses. They keep making comments about our little computer camp, secure in the knowledge that if it came to a brawl, they would slaughter us handily. They also leered at our female camper last week so much so that she was scared to walk by their dorm. I will say that I'm impressed with one of their jokes. They put comment cards into the dining hall where we all eat, ostensibly from one of our campers, saying things like, "Meat makes me nervous" and "Are your ovens 300 megabytes?" So I wrote one that says, "Me wrestler, me want meat. Raaa, meat, raaa! PS. Ra! Ra!" That's not as funny as what I wanted to write: "Me wrestler! Me want oil for so when I touch other men, they slip and slide. Touch! Slide! Ra! PS. Stop serving food! Me need go down in weight class!"

I hate wrestlers.