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Strip for 8/7/2002  
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I joined the ranks of the unemployed on Saturday! Woo hoo!

I've been using monster.com halfheartedly this evening. Really, the only way to get jobs is networking. My friend Hunter got me a lead on a job that I'm hoping to interview for this week. I was also looking at this job at Northwestern where I would be the boss of all my old Senior ResCon friends, but I'm not sure if I want a job that's so... non technical.

What sort of job do I want, anyway? I'd like it to be a challenging one where I learn a lot more about development, but all those jobs seem to require that you know incredible amounts beforehand. Or that you know some obscure software package. I hate monster.com. I hate job postings. I hate cover letters. Give me a network, any time.

So, camp finished last week and it didn't come one second too early for me. I admit that I do miss having stuff to do every second of the day. I also miss having the outher counselors and Debby around to hang out with. Towards the end, 'neesh, Debby and I stayed up really late at nights. We'd go for a quick bite to eat around 1 AM, or run around in the rain. I miss those late nights, but not the early mornings. Actually, I miss the part of the morning where I'd wake up the kids. I love not having to corral campers or count heads anymore.

This weekend was awesome. Thanks to all involved.

I went home on Sunday for brunch and then for a friend's housewarming party. On the way to that party, my brother's car started dying as it idled. It was quite exciting, waiting to see if it would ever start again. We did make it home and it started working again. I let him take my car back while his was worked on, but the shop couldn't make it stall again. So... I got to drive this untrustworthy car 90 miles back to Chicago. Yay!

I keep saying that I'm going to work on my new creative projects during these weeks off... Yup. Keep saying it.

I'm going to San Francisco this weekend for my cousin's wedding. This is the cousin who told me at my brother's wedding that I'd get married before her. Actually, Jason, Mira, and Albert were all sitting at the table also and they bet that I would beat them all to the altar.

Speaking of Mira, we finally got to talk this summer after many missed phone calls. Much to catch up on.

It was Sil's birthday Tuesday. Say happy birthday to Sil!

Link time:

Sheila is totally hooked on this MSN game, TextTwist. Test your vocab knowledge.

Bluesnews had a link to this most impressive Flash game, Capoiera Fighter. Remember when I talked about seeing that capoeira demonstration last summer in San Jose? Remember how I said I wanted to get into that? Right... Remember my aikido thing, how it never happened? Yeah...