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Strip for 8/14/2002  
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I was talking with Sil, who is still in Amsterdamia, and this conversation basically happened. I really don't like PJ Harvey... Beth Orton takes a little warmup time, but I really liked Central Reservation. The new album is a lot more accessible, though less electronic than I'd hoped.

But it's not about Ms. Orton or Ms. Harvey. This strip's about people being protective of their interests.

Like I said, I talked to Sil today. The last Scrubs strips are hard copied and should be winging through international mail to me. It'd probably be faster for her to wait until September and give them to me in person, but hey, I'm just a choosy beggar.

So, how does a newly unemployed kid spend his time? I wake up around 10:30 or 11, and head over to 614. Lunch with Jason. Some sort of afternoon errand (like buying CD's at Borders with 50% off coupons). Afternoon internet sessions which consist of checking email, and looking for companies that are hiring. Emailing companies with no openings, hoping for a kind HR manager.

My mom called yesterday and told me to apply to Motorola. I told her I really didn't want to work there and she said, "You need to weigh your cards on the table. And you have no cards right now." That really depressed me. I've sent out more cover letters and put in more job profiles in the last 12 hours than in the past 4 months.

Funny story (well, I think most of them are funny). When I first met Sil's mom, she asked me what I was studying. I told her computers and she processed that I was not in medicine, sniffed and said, "And what will you do with that?" Mind you, this was in 1998, so the idea of a jobless CS major was insane. I used to use this story as proof that Sil's mom was unreasonable. Now I see that Sil's mom actually had far reaching powers of prescience.

I started a new short story on the way to San Francisco. It actually has a female protaganist. Whoa! First time for everything.

I bought a sketchbook and pencil the other day. Time will tell if I actually draw next year's strip on paper and scan it in.

Sorry I'm really disjointed and all over the place tonight.