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Strip for 9/25/2002  
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Wow! Hi everyone who still reads us. I was waiting for the final strips of Scrubs, which I hold in my hot little hands. On my hot little computer. So, anyway, three strips (including this one). We are almost done.

It's sad thinking about Scrubs ending. It's the manifestation of a portion of my friendship with Sil, so its end, while not meaning the end of our frienhship (that would be sucky) is a sad harbringer of the change that this relationship will go through.

This strip is more of the "Kip is a geek" vein (how easily I classify my writing into set slots). I think Sil did an amazing (and much missed) job on the visuals. Second panel looks sha-weet. But in all of my geekdom, I think I still retain a certain hope that in the future, people will be able to do what they want without being rooted in one spot. I was looking at a job at CareersFromHome (no, not from them. For them. Making their website) and I thought, "Hey, if I could telecommute, there's nothing tying me to Chicago really." I could move around a bit, so long as I had a net connection and a laptop. And that thought made me happy, like all this connectivity isn't just for delivering promises of Russian brides to lonely people, but that it's doing something more. Something good.

Now let's get those 3G wireless network working better, people!

My life has been moving along yet sticking in nearly one place, like a treadmill that inches as it runs. Those of you who've moved to reading Kipworld (all ten of you, hi Kutch, Bro, Mitch, Kiba, Huggies, El, and the rest). Speaking of that blog, after Scrubs is over (1.5 weeks from today) you should switch over to that in case 614 is not ready to launch. Anyway, those of you who read it will know that I got a part time job teaching Javascript rather spur of the moment and that's covering my bills for November (I'm planning ahead). I just got asked to teach another two week class on Flash but I'm not sure if it'd be better for me to work on my sample sites for interviews or to do this teaching thing.


Tonight, I went to see Syd Lieberman storytell at the public library. He was great, although a bit nervous compared to the night I saw him at Uncommon Ground. I think it was because there were about 10 times the number of people here and he was the only one telling. He told all the stories I heard at Uncommon Ground, but they were fun a second time. He also told a story about being part of the crowd protesting a Nazi demonstration at Lovelace Park which I hadn't heard. I also noticed that El and I were among the youngest people there, by a good 20 years. Being there with all these middle aged folks showed me that people of all ages can be snippy and rude. The place was packed and we were sitting on a windowsill at first until the heating element drove us to the floor. On the floor was all the overspill from the doorway, made of adults who really didn't want to be sitting on the ground. I guess from the way they were fidgeting they weren't that comfortable. I'm almost glad I wasn't in a chair or else I think they would have glared at me for being young and seated in a sitting implement.