Lefties make up about 10-12% of the world's population. As of now, there is no certain cause of left-handedness. It appears to be genetic, since two left handed parents have a 25% chance of having a left handed child while two right handed parents only have a 9% chance.

The leading two theories are quite different. The first theory is that most people have a "right-shift" factor which makes them right handed. Without this factor, the person has an equal chance of being left or right handed. The other theory, propsed by Dr. Stanley Coren, says that left handedness is due to natal conditions, such as birth stress or developmental flaws.

What effect does being left handed have on one's life? Well, lefties live on average 7 years less than righties. They are stuck on the ends of the dinner table, so as not to bump into other diners' elbows. They always turn the twist ties the wrong way. Thankfully, they are usually creative, intelligent, and charming enough to make up for these shortcomings.