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3/13/2003: Skinny Bull
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It's "Svelte"
Posted at 02:02:14 AM on Mar 11, 2003 by kip
This is one strip where Bull is me. I'm rail thin. Sometimes I'm proud of it. Sometimes I wish I were able to buy pants in retail stores. I fluctuate.
I guess I'm happier being short and thin than tall and fat. I mean, I wouldn't trade up and out, if you know what I mean. Which is saying somthing, since you all know I'd love to be taller. 'Course I made Bull tall AND skinny, so what does that say?
Man, I've been working on this site too long. Hey, at least the posting worked automatically... Now I just need to get the toolbars working nicely in browsers and I think I can wrap it up.
Still need to do my taxes. I don't think I made enough to be of any interest to the IRS. I picked up enough forms at the post office today to choke a small mule plagued with taxes.
Alright, more later, when I fix this toolbar thing. Thanks for stopping by!
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Done. Sorta.
Posted at 02:00:52 AM on Mar 13, 2003 by kip
OK, after spending the last 2 days racked with guilt for letting IE users suffer broken buttons, I caved. I spent the past 8 hours making CSS floaty buttons (goodbye icky Macromedia JavaScript!) and then realized that IE still won't support them. So now there's a yellow bar. Yellow bar, meet the audience. Audience, say hello to yellow bar. You know, using Mozilla lets you see the buttons move up and down. It also lets you stop popup windows, use tabs for browsing, and cures gingivitis. If Mozilla doesn't float your boat, Opera works. On the Mac side, Safari will rock your world, and while the buttons don't pop in Camino currently (which is odd, since it's based on Mozilla), I'm certain that the upcoming releases of it will. So come on people. Be a rebel in a very small way. Take back the web. And give me future blocks of 8 hours back.
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Not Rodentia
Posted at 04:02:59 PM on Mar 13, 2003 by kip
Big thanks to Jim Stoneburger for pointing out that rabbits are not rodents, but lagomorphs, which sounds funnier anyway. More info can be found at rabbit.org.
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The Skinny on Kip
Posted at 03:31:03 PM on Mar 14, 2003 by sil
yeah, living with kip is definitely a unique experience. he's so thin that being his roommate is like living in a single. except that for some reason you produce twice as much garbage...and violent video games are always spontaneously flipping on...and the sound system never stops playing heartbroken british indiepop music...and there was always that strange mobile beanpole with arms and legs and black hair that kept on getting in my way...wait. forget about that "living in a single" business. let's just say living with kip is definitely a unique experience.