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3/20/2003: Heckler
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Get a Room!
Posted at 02:10:51 PM on Mar 19, 2003 by kip
Kuwie and Rick love to heckle people as we drive through Evanston (weather permitting). No one has ever been challenged by their victims, at least not in the split second of passing during which the heckle occurs. "Get a room!" is the favorite, and I really think the hecklers feel like they're righting a wrong (public displays of affection) against humanity (the Evanston public).
Anyway, I'd be a liar if I said that I have never engaged in the heckle myself, but I don't go for it with the gusto that Rick and Kuwie possess. I guess I'm worried about choosing the wrong person, or the wrong time.
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boys boys boys
Posted at 05:42:50 PM on Mar 21, 2003 by sil
dude, where are the girls? i'm still waiting for a one to appear in the strips. tell me there's gonna be some representation, kip. a cool sassy chick. like the ones in your life. =P
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Child Safety Locks
Posted at 10:50:23 PM on Mar 21, 2003 by jenny
Makes me think back to when there was actually a need for using the child safety locks. While Rick and Kuwie have voices that definitely carry a few blocks, they also have been known to decide to heckle in neighborhoods that are not so heckle friendly. I still remember their little kid pleas to 'please unlock the windows' :-)