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3/27/2003: Restaurant Talk
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I do this.
Posted at 01:20:51 PM on Mar 21, 2003 by kip
I fully admit that I do this to my sister when we go out.
I also have other restaurant quirks. I hate ordering the same thing as someone else. I picked that one up from my brother. On one of his birthdays in high school, he double dated with Kuwie's older brother and they went to Westmoor (the country club). The waitress came by and my brother graciously let his guests go first and watched as they all ordered the same thing, the filet mignon. Which was what he wanted. Wish I could've seen his face.
One nice thing about going out with the apartment crew is that we never have bill problems. Usually there's too much money in the pot. I hate it when it's the interminable game of pass the bill.
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Bill advice
Posted at 08:50:29 PM on Mar 27, 2003 by ming
One of the best pieces of wisdom we ever got was from my in-laws. They told us that when you go out to dinner with friends, you should always split the check evenly. Otherwise, a convivial evening can rapidly devolve into a round of "counting grapes" (to use a Chinese phrase). It's much nicer than playing "pass the bill".
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Posted at 12:49:01 AM on Mar 28, 2003 by julian

Actually, I ordered first at that dinner. The others had never really been in a nice restaurant before, so they all followed my lead.

As for splitting the check, it all depends on who you're out with and what everyone ordered and what people are comfortable with. Most of the time with one group of friends we all pay our own way. With another group of friends, we all do the math publicly and out loud because someone has a history of shorting his part of the bill. With yet another, we almost always split evenly, excluding drinks. Basically, as long as everyone is happy, who cares?

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Posted at 12:49:42 AM on Mar 28, 2003 by julian
Oh, and having too much money in the pot is infinitely preferable to being short.
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Posted at 12:50:22 AM on Mar 28, 2003 by julian
Final comment - love Bunny's eyebrows in panel 2.
buh buh buh BUNNY
Posted at 05:30:34 PM on Mar 31, 2003 by sheila
I agree with Julian... Bunny's eyebrows of panel 2 are artful. Although I must also note that Bunny's ears in panel 2 really made me feel the fiery passion of Bunny's ordering rules. Wowzers, Kip! On another note, Rick and I just came back from Florida where we learned the art of the "couple meal-share." Keeping in mind Kip's distate for meal redundancy, we decided to order with the other in mind, then swap plates half way through. Are we boring? Here's to being part of the staff! (The Brown one.)