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7/24/2003: (Neat) Freak
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Yeah, it's me
Posted at 11:50:52 PM on Jul 23, 2003 by kip
I just took out about two weeks worth of trash. I would've done it earlier, but no, I had to wait until Kuwie left for the Caymans. Cuz... for some reason I'm more ashamed of the mess when I'm the only one in the apartment.


Plus, El and I are going to Houston this weekend, so I really don't want to encourage little bugsies to move in while the place is empty.
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Posted at 01:02:03 PM on Jul 26, 2003 by rick
If Jenny only knew that all she had to do was leave :)
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Sorry: Not my fault!
Posted at 12:09:54 AM on Jul 29, 2003 by kip
No new strip for Tuesday because my power's been out all weekend and it's still not fixed. Thank goodness my laptop has a leetle bit of a charge and the neighbors downstairs have their wireless access point up or else I wouldn't even be able to put this notice out.

Thanks to Adam for putting up with me while my apartment is dark and dismal.