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3/18/2004: Urge to Create
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Love it...
Posted at 12:22:33 AM on Mar 18, 2004 by kip
Wow, what a spiffy movie. El and I went and bought Spinal Tap and School of Rock tonight (guess we were in a rockin' mood). I hadn't seen this in theaters, but jeepers.

I read a Jack Black profile somewhere that basically said that there is no one as cool as he is. Or as he thinks he is. And that to be in his presence is to fall under the same spell.

I'd like to say that I'm like that sometimes, but I think it was actually my brother who had the cult of personality in the family. At least that how I recall it from my six year younger vantage point. Which may or may not be so vantaged.

Watching the movie, near the end when the kids all have their costumes and stuff, I thought to myself, did I ever want to be in a band? Enough to learn a rock instrument? No, not really. Closest I got was jamming on my violin w/ some guys the morning of our AP chem test (we'd been studying all night before). But a good movie does make me want to go create... something, anything.

And there, you get comic strips out of it.
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Hacking for fun
Posted at 12:53:12 AM on Mar 19, 2004 by kip
So, I was bored tonight. Also, my friend Rick told me that he wanted some sort of updated notification when Bull and Bunny updates... so here is the RSS feed. Email lists are so 2001. :-) Anyway, to use this spiffy web altering technology, simply get an RSS aggregator. If you're using a Mac, get NetNewsWire (the lite version is free). If you're on a PC, I hear the AmphetaDesk is good. Add http://www.kipster.org/bullandbunny/index.xml to the list of subscriptions and presto. You'll be able to see exactly when I update. But more importantly, you can subscribe to many different websites like the New York Times and Wired.

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Posted at 05:15:57 PM on Mar 19, 2004 by julian
Well, to be precise, we can't see exactly when you update. We'll get notified after our RSS programs refresh their subscription to your RSS feed the first time after you update. :-)