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7/20/2004: The Invite
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I... live... again!
Posted at 02:36:54 AM on Jul 20, 2004 by kip
It's good to be back. I even have Thursday's strip ready, so we'll see how long I can keep being on top of this thing going.

I am a GMail user now and I love it, although I'm duping all of my mail to another mailbox and POPing it off for offline access. It's a pretty potent combination. I do believe that Google isn't really and evil sort of company, but the strip wasn't as funny without the "G" team.

I do have one invite left for GMail, if anyone wants it. It's yours if you send me me some Bull and Bunny or Scrubs fan art, or a personal story relating to a strip. Send entries to gmailplease@kipster.org and I'll announce the winner next week.