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11/2/2004: Election Day
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Da Vote
Posted at 10:44:19 PM on Nov 1, 2004 by kip
I really can't wait for the elections to be over. So we can get on to the business over arguing over the real outcome.

I don't know if my vote is going to matter (I do live in IL) and I'm not sure how early I'm going to get to the polls... I guess Bunny's reaction is mine: I'll vote, but what effect will it have? I don't really think either candidate has a stance on the DMCA or INDUCE act. It sounds dumb, that those are the issues I care most about, but they're also the issues I feel most informed enough to have an opinion about.

So in the end... who is going get rid of all these freakin' lines??? Hate 'em.