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6/7/2005: The Real Problem
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True Geeks Only
Posted at 08:29:23 PM on Jun 7, 2005 by kip
Being a little known web toonist means getting to write about whatever the heck you want, even if no one else cares. This is probably one of those.

The Apple - Intel switch is a crazy time for fanboys. I'm less of one than I used to be, and I have a comp e degree, so I'm not stark raving crazy about it like the people who say that Macs are going to get viruses now, merely due to their Intel brain. I'm sorta shocked about it (as I told my coworkers, I feel like my dad just got a sex change or something) but hey, if going to Intel means that i can have a faster and cooler laptop, I'm totally on board.

It is a little funny to see the Apple marketing campaign deploring the Pentium 4, isn't it?

Points to the readers who remember Nubus and still love the SCSI.