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4/3/2003: Achievement
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Not Me!
Posted at 11:31:04 PM on Apr 2, 2003 by kip
Yay. Bull is actually expressing sentiments that are only partly mine. Ladies and gentlemen, we have fiction. It's about time.
I was one of the few decided people during freshman year. Decided and stuck with it. There were plenty of other engineers who ducked out and became IE's, or switched to Liberal Arts. There were plenty of Liberal Arts majors in my dorm who were undecided until the last possible second. I knew early on that I didn't want the responsibility of medicine (and I'm too squeamish), that I couldn't deal with the vagaries of the law, and that I liked programming, even the icky long parts of it. So my career path (the responsible one, not the movie actor pipe dream one) was set out pretty early.
So now I'm out and I'm about to start a real programming job and I am writing about someone who isn't sure what they're doing with their life. Am I having second thoughts after all these years?
Not really. It's natural to feel oddly before starting something new, right? I just wish sometimes that I'd indulged other hobbies a little more such that I could one day be paid to do a hobby. I guess programming is my most hireable hobby, so I went with it. But to be a writer, an actor, a teacher, just for a bit would be grand.
So surely I don't believe that people who don't know what they want to do out of college are wasting their time there? I don't. I mean, that's what Bunny is saying. "You live with me." What did I get out of Northwestern? I met a hell of a lot of really amazing people. Worth way more than the computer science part of it.
And there's the Bull.
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Posted at 11:40:36 PM on Apr 2, 2003 by kip
Quick art note... I'm getting in sort of a Bull has hand in front of his mouth rut. I wanted to put this strip out to keep the whole thing from getting be too much Bunny, you know? This is so tricky. Onward we go...