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4/8/2003: Poser
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The Look
Posted at 12:20:01 AM on Apr 8, 2003 by kip
I wrote this strip for Scrubs originally. I was strutting around with these Ray Bans on feeling like a million bucks. Sil didn't get exasperated... what a saint. Other clothes that make me feel mahvelous - my black wool coat, my sleek G2 shirt (blue with a hint of red in the threading) and my suit (I only have 1). 'Course, Sil likes it when I wear my ghetto Kip outfit of a long sleeve t shirt and these technic pants, but... that's for grungy Saturdays.
Speaking of grunge: I can wear anything I'd usually wear to work. It's nice not having to get a new wardrobe.
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Posted at 11:58:55 PM on Apr 8, 2003 by ming
Badass Position 4. I love it.

I also think you can look pretty badass when you wear your black button-down shirt and your jeans. It's an outfit that rarely sees the light of day, but it's pretty badass in its own way.

Just MHO.