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4/29/2003: Phone Talk
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Posted at 12:24:25 AM on Apr 29, 2003 by kip
My phone was the old workhorse of the Sprint PCS line three years ago, when everyone else had that silvery flip up one. Now all phones are silver and have more processing power than my ps2.

What this strip was really going to be about was the oneupmanship of Rick and Kuwie and I when it comes to gadgets. Really all my friends. For example, when I was in the market for a portable music player and I chose to get an mp3 cd player, Khai called it the no-Pod. See, I didn't want to get an iPod just to catch up (knowing that the ipod were going to get updated soon, oh look, they're new today). I wanna wait until there's a clearly better alternative. Same thing with the phones. Rick and Kuwie have the slim Sanyo 6000. This phone is so slim that the guy at the AT&T store was jazzed about it. So I just want that phone that they have. But better. Mmm. Bluetooth. Mmmm. Gew gaws.

I think it's time to get an iPod.