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5/27/2003: The Meet
Storyline: "Introducing..."
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First Impressions
Posted at 04:01:37 PM on May 26, 2003 by kip
First impressions are really important, aren't they? So today marks Boa's first impression on all of you. I'm excited to add a third character (and one so easy to draw!) for the added dimensions it should add to the strip.
Speaking of new features, check out the rating system! Go ahead, rate your favorite (and not so favorite) strips. It'll help me see what people like about Bull and Bunny. The archive page is also operational. Right now it just has the 10 most recent and 10 highest rated strips, but coming will be archives by pulldown, staff picks, and more.
It was sort of odd to be coding in PHP after all this VB stuff I do at work. The worst part was how I intentionally miscapiTalize variable names in VB so that I can see if I got the spelling right (because it will properly capitalize things for me if it has seen the word before). That's just sloppy. Sigh. However, I do use Hungarian notation while coding now, instead of the bastardized Hungarian I used to use.
Alright, enough geek talk. It's time to barbeque.
Oh wait... my new graphics card can render like a mofo.
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Posted at 10:28:44 PM on May 27, 2003 by ming
"I don't want you to get hurt." Hah!

And are those movement squiggles I see on Boa in the last frame? Love it.

This strip and story line is improving with each reading. Yay Kip!
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Posted at 12:44:10 AM on May 28, 2003 by kip
I made the ratings unfrozen so that you can upgrade (or downgrade) your vote if you feel that the strip is funnier after a while. The vote number will not change, but the score will (showing that it has indeed updated, instead of voting again).

Enjoy! You can also rate older strips.