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5/29/2003: The Small Talk
Storyline: "Introducing..."
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Posted at 12:29:44 AM on May 29, 2003 by kip
This strip is a lot funnier to people who have met me in person.
Small talk with someone new is tough! There are so many little conversational nooks and crannies that can quickly lead to deep and muddy waters. The sad part is, all of my good stories about this phenomenon can't be told here, without getting me in trouble. Like at my brother's wedding, during the rehearsal dinner, when my cousin-
Sigh, self censorship. Ain't that the worst? How are you supposed to get to know anyone like that?
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I prefer "petite"
Posted at 09:29:56 AM on May 29, 2003 by ming
The small talk is supposed to get you to the place where the other person wants to get to know you better.

Self-censorship and social lubrication. Makes the world go round!
"Happy Talky, Talky, Happy Talk"
Posted at 05:47:38 AM on May 30, 2003 by El
huh. For a bunny, he has a pretty thin skin.
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Posted at 10:47:25 AM on Jun 3, 2003 by kip
Tuesday's strip will be late. I lost my sketchbook. :-( Sigh...
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There went Thursday
Posted at 02:27:24 AM on Jun 6, 2003 by kip
Hm. Thursday's come and gone. No comic.

The appropriate parties have been flogged. See you on Tuesday.

One the brighter side, I did find my sketchbook! But not my motivation...