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6/24/2003: The Impulse
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I want one
Posted at 01:15:42 AM on Jun 24, 2003 by kip
I want everything that Apple came out with today.

I'm a little upset that iChat AV (well, the V part) only works with G3s 600 MHz and up. I just did a voice chat with my old boss from last summer and it was pretty sweet. So I'm hoping that using this tech, Sil and I will talk more. And whenever I get a new laptop, I'll bite and get the iSight for adding the V.

Add the V!

Oh, and for you iChat users, my AIM name is ScrubsKip.
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Posted at 10:01:44 AM on Jun 25, 2003 by julian
Heh. "we shall know them by their icons." Made me laugh. What about all the weenies who haven't picked icons at all? Seems like an interesting sociological issue....
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Posted at 04:03:09 PM on Jun 26, 2003 by kip
How many late strips can I have? We went downtown for Jenny's graduation from CityYear last night, and the restaurant at Navy Pier totally overbooked for the night, resulting in major whining from many of the irate businessmen and soccer moms who did not like being told that life would suck and that the restaurant was just going in order, down the list.

Now, yes, the restaurant was completely stupid for overbooking like that. I understand that. And yes, it was hot, making everyone upset. And yes, El, Rick, Jenny and I got a little antsy. But we're still young adults. Some of the older ones needed to take a happy pill.

The food was well worth the wait, I'm almost sad to say. :-)

Anyway, we got back really late, so no strip. I'll try to do it between work and capoeira.