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9/9/2003: Moving Concern
Storyline: "Moving"
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Moving Help Moves Me
Posted at 12:14:03 AM on Sep 9, 2003 by kip
I can't say this enough: my sibling saved my life when they helped me move this year. And I called the next day to thank them, yes, but also to ask where some of my stuff (that they'd had to pack for me, since I wasn't there to pack it) was. I felt like a schmuck.

So, I've tried to repay the favor, if not to them, then to the moving karma doler outers.

And perhaps they'll reward me by getting rid of some of the boxes still in my room.

In other news, since I've been a little light on content lately, I broke my streak of not paying for parking. Finding a spot around the new place just sucks way too much and after carrying groceries 2.5 blocks last night, I decided something had to be done. So I'm renting a spot from another unit. Cost is 90$ a month, but hey, check this out, I get out of my car, walk up the stairs and I'm home. No circling. No parallel parking (although, I am rocking lately w/ squeezing into tight spots.). Just park and home. Mmmm. Home. It's almost to the "home" state.
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Your stuff
Posted at 03:27:36 PM on Sep 9, 2003 by ming
If you're looking for your stuff, just check any of the several boxes labeled "Random Stuff". It's probably there. Or look in your big green duffel bag. =]
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Posted at 10:33:45 AM on Sep 10, 2003 by julian
You mean my big green duffel bag? :-)