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10/7/2003: The Skill
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Soccer! I mean, football
Posted at 10:45:18 PM on Oct 6, 2003 by kip
Foosball rocks. Like Bunny, it's the one sport I'm good at. I've been whomping Todd and Adam, even though my throat feels like there are cats inside, scratching to get out, scratching, scratching. And I feel all weak. But luckily foosball is more about quick wrist motion, which is unaffected by whatever flavor of flu my mother diagnosed me over the phone as having.

So it's nice to be the winner at something. Seeing as I'm still sucking at Halo most of the time.
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Late! Sorry.
Posted at 12:10:02 AM on Oct 10, 2003 by kip
So, I think my iBook knows that its days are numbered. It's been acting up lately and today it got so slow that I had to reboot (bye bye, 30 day uptime...) Anyway, now it hangs on the fsck, just stuck there repairing volume for ages. Sigh. So, that's why there's no new strip because freakin' EVERYTHING I need to create one is on the iBook.

Well, except my brain.