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10/22/2003: Fall
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Mmm, fall
Posted at 10:08:33 PM on Oct 22, 2003 by kip
We've been enjoying unseasonably warm weather (although it's cooling off). I'm really happy about most of the bugs dying off.

This strip is more about Beetle, and how some people just get sort of used to abuse. Not that I'm one, or anything.

Anyway, work is heating up, and so are the videogames, so writing and comic making is getting pushed to the edges. I did finish Quicksilver last night, so at least I'm not tied to a huge hardback tome anymore. I read most of it after midnights for the past week or two so I'm not sure if I could pass an exam on it or anything.
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This is so crappy but...
Posted at 01:03:44 AM on Oct 28, 2003 by kip
I'm going to be a little freer than usual with Bull and Bunny deadlines for a little while. I need to be writing stories for my storytelling show in 2 weeks, so, that's my excuse. Promise, more, later, but til then, please bear with the vagaries of my update schedule...

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I'm finally here...
Posted at 11:34:30 PM on Nov 9, 2003 by katie
right when it sounds like Kip is starting to slack, I finally got my act together. Hm.
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autumn reigns supreme
Posted at 10:28:08 AM on Nov 10, 2003 by sil
i love the fall. i also like the trees in the first panel. it looks like bull and bunny are taking a stroll through bora bora. =P
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Today's the day!
Posted at 11:07:04 AM on Nov 11, 2003 by kip
Check out Uncommon Ground's website... click on the music calendar, Nov 11th... Oh yeah. that's me.

Telling starts at 8PM. Drop by if you're in the neighborhood.
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Posted at 07:37:34 PM on Nov 13, 2003 by ming
Your storytelling was awesome! So, where's the new strip? Gotta have my Bull and Bunny! =]