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10/16/2003: The Game Plays You
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Max Payne 2
Posted at 02:02:24 AM on Oct 16, 2003 by kip
Wow. This game rules. The ragdoll physics and the interactive environments have made for some very cool scenes so far. Standard bullet time seems a little less bullety than before, which is making some of the scenes a bit harder than I remember Max Payne 1 ever being. Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting more into it. I did upgrade to WinXp for this and I had to get new video card drivers. There's a skip every so often which makes me want to get a new processor (or take Todd's old one) so I'm investigating if my board can do it and oh my I thought this was what I had a Mac and a console to avoid. Thing is, bullet time is only fun with a mouse. :-)
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Posted at 02:08:57 PM on Oct 21, 2003 by kip
Sorry, strip is late. Hopefully up by tonight. I was going to make it on my new computer but now I'm thinking I might do a total wipe when Panther arrives, so, yeah, things are in a state of flux right now.