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Strip for 1/3/2001  
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The quietest rollout since the introduction of Pickle Pepsi... that was our gala Scrubs intro on Monday.

We held off on submitting our mass spam until we had an original strip to show all of you lovely people who've gamely shown interest in our inaugural strip.

See! We do have more than one comic. Hope you enjoy this one as much as the last one. We promise, no more talk of the slow start. I mean, we'll be too busy brewing up fresh funny from the frigid wastelands of Evanston for that.

On a few technical notes, I just got back into town (and back to Netscape 6) and it seems to not like linked style sheets. Imagine that! Chillingly, I moved to Internet Explorer 5 which does work. The Apple team will be by later to repossess my Mac for that. So the styles are all messed up Netscape-wise but it's not too terrible. Other technical notes: the prev / next buttons don't really do too much since we only have two strips but as soon as we have three, I promise that they'll act consistently in the archive. Once I write the archive page, of course.

Enough boring talk.

Enjoy the strip (perhaps for a second time) and let us know what you think.