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Strip for 1/24/2001  
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Hey everyone, sorry the strip is a couple hours late. I figure only the diehard scrubbers would have noticed, and I'm sure they all understand.

Well, hope you guys enjoy our celebrity appearances. Scrubs had to work around the clock to book Michelle Yeoh and Chow Yun Fat for out special strip today...and can I just say, the price for a few seconds of superstar time is steep beyond belief! I'm ok with it, though, seeing as in a short while Kip and I will be reaching celebrity status as well, so we should probably get used to all the hassle. fyi, we're accepting applications for future agents now! No pushing, please...


Want to talk about how tired Kip is? Let me tell you how tired.


That tired.

Brief snippets from ICQ from me to Sil last night... "Where's the strip?" "Striparoonie?" "Tick Tick Tick" etc. I was a tired out grumpy boy from homework and job stress. All I wanted was my fix. And the dealer wasn't dealin'. Now you readers know that Sil keeps me in suspense for every strip. I see it scant hours before you do.

But hey, when the strips come back looking so great, you have to forgive everything.

New tech toy: the Scrubs-announce mailing list! That's right, you too can join up and receive up the the second notification when the new strips hit. This is coming by request of a couple of our absent minded friends who can't seem to remember Wednesday Saturday Wednesday Saturday. We might use it for more than this but for right now... it's just strip notification.

So to access this bubble of fun, point your browser at this location and scroll to the bottom and add your name. Alternately, send email to scrubs-announce-request@kipster.org with the subject = "subscribe". You will get email confirmation. After that, sit back and enjoy. We might allow mail to GO to the scrubs listserv, but for now, it's one way only.

Cool button coming for it. It'll go nicely with the scrubble.

Final note: Sayuri (aka ObscureReferenceGirl) from Obscura Records sent some really nice fan mail yesterday which pulled up our spirits and made us grin. Her comic's cool too (gotta love Dave Foley day) and once I redo the links page for more readability, she'll be up there in the webcomics section.