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Strip for 1/20/2001  
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Sil continues to lack sleep! A couple of people have told me that they really didn't get Wednesday's strip and so they're not really going to get this one either. Sorry.

Again, I'll say it, Sil without sleep is truly scary. Scary because she still manages to function on quite a high level, yet without any logic whatsoever. Which sort of throws the whole "logic is important" argument right out the window, doesn't it? Myself, I go through less of these times throughout the course of a year. However, when Sil and I catch each other in this same loopy mood... our powers combine and other people get puzzled, very much so.

I think that true signs of Sil and I being able to portray ourselves accurately, wart and all, are her disheveledness in these past two strips and my refusal to leave the computer.

So, convinced that any publicity is good publicity, I've started to add Scrubs to a couple of comics sites. Of them, I think I like bigpanda's approach the best, which is why I'm giving them screen real estate below. I'm not sure how I feel about the whole Keenspot thing. Then there's this topsites thing which I didn't use because, hm, there are blank spots available that we'd go right into, with no work. Seems a little sketchy to me. No offense meant to anyone who runs these sites, since I'm just a snotty nosed kid with a not very established strip (and I don't even do the hard work) so I'll just sit in this corner now.

See you in a couple of days.


PS. This strip was uploaded early because I'm going to go see Traffic tonight. I'll post a review on Scrubble