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Strip for 2/24/2001  
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Mmmmm, surreal.

This isn't the strip that I thought we were going to run today, but you know what? This fits me today more than anything else possibly could. Thank whoever's in charge of such things that Sil knows me better than I know myself. Or whoever's in charge of huge coincidences.

For those Scrubologists out there, you should know that this was the first strip drawn ever. I went over to Sil's this summer and we sat in her basement on these cool restaurant booth things she has down there and she drew it up while I watched one of her little brothers cheat through Resident Evil 2. Cheat horrendously.

So why is my brain absent from normal function tonight? Well, I had 2 midterms today in my toughest classes and they were... hm... challenging to say the least. But hey, it's over now. This weekend hopefully will be very therapeutic. Mmmmmm, therapy.

I just got a call from Citibank. I asked the woman on the phone, "Isn't it a little late to be telemarketing?" She said that since I'm a college student, they call later. This doesn't explain the 8:00 AM Citibank calls that I got a couple weeks ago. Anyway, she was nice about it, especially since I was being a tired little punk (hey, play what you know). Usually when I mess with telemarketers, they just hang up.

Welcome all the viewers from Zannah's page. I bow to your pico skillz and to your (much) superior weblog. I am now inspired to do Scrubble a heck of a lot more. Special thanks to Fuzzy for suggesting this page to Zannah, thereby being the one of those wonderful degrees of separation which will help Scrubs take over the world.

Someone new joined our fanmail list and he's not even a friend or family member! Joy! Want to experience it yourself?

OK, enough publicity scrounging.

But that's what I do.

Final note... I was supposed to go to a fiddling concert tonight. How cool would that have been? Not the 35$ of cool they wanted to charge, but hey, cool enough. Plus, I'm in that not thinking stage, remember? So, support your local fiddlers. Because I'm not. Yet.