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Strip for 2/28/2001  
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Well then. The big thank you goes to ElfLife for the very pointed big panda push which spurred us quickly up the ratings over there.

So... now that we have new friends, we feel the pressure to perform, to give them the quality stuff that makes up our archives. Hope we did it. Hence: the price of fame.

So enough of that crap.

The strip, the strip! Welcome to our running gag about... running. Click here for the last running strip. I am indeed quite a lazy butt compared to Sil, who runs, does kung fu, plays volleyball, and generally does other things with her time rather than sitting in front of two computers making Javascripts and playing No One Lives Forever...

I do like to swim, however. See, swimming is a good survival skill. If you stop running, you just stop. Stop swimming, and then drowning starts. Interestingly enough, it's one sport that Sil doesn't like.

As for biking, the last time I really rode was the summer of freshman year. My best friend Jason, my dad and I went to Santa Fe for biking. So sore. My dad was so happy because he really wiped the floor with us and he was a good 30 years older. There are some great pictures from that trip: Jason and I pushing our bikes, Jason and I sitting on the trail, Jason and I passed out from exhaustion.

Once again... how do I keep my svelte figure? Trade secret...

In other news, we have a Mail this Strip javascript up and running. Now you can share the magic that is Scrubs with your friends! It's so easy too. Simply click the link underneath the strip image, either here on the front page or in the archive. Fill in your friend's email, your name and an optional message. Hit send and you're done.

There are still some bugs in Netscape (the thing doesn't say "Thank You") but I'm working on it.

Catch you later,