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Strip for 4/21/2001  
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Yeah... I sit at the computer much of the day. That's what I do. Uh huh.

I was kinda ashamed about it this summer (when I was working) but midway through, I realized that I had ethernet access, dammit, so I might as well use it.

Sorry again for the strip being so late... I'd give an excuse but really, you've heard it before from a lot of different strips than this one so just lump us with those slackers who can't hold a deadline, k?

Anyway, the big news is... I am now an uncle. I've been an "uncle" in the sense of little cousins calling me "Uncle Kip" but now... it's for real. It's such a rush. And the most amazing thing is knowing that there's another member of the family to think about, care about, love...

K, enough mushy. I was trying to make jokes with the new parents on Thursday but they were still in the glowing "she's gorgeous" stage. Just trying to amuse, folks.

So, I'm about to head out. Perhaps I'll add more later. Perhaps I'll rewrite everything.


4/22/2001: addendum

Sil and I and assorted friends went bowling last night. I suck at bowling. I definitely had the lowest score by a good 20 point margin.

Also, we are now listed on Funny.com. Sweet domain name, huh? Plus, it's run with WebObjects, which is what I'll hopefully be working on this summer. Hm, still haven't heard from my prospective employer...