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Strip for 5/23/2001  
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I'm in a mix of emotions tonight. It was the last improv show of the year. This year was the first year I've been co-director of the group. Really, it's been the most rewarding experience I've had in college. Directing this group, teaching them improv, and planning these final shows of the season has yes deprived me of sleep, money, free time, etc. But as we signed our names on the back of the set, joining the names from the previous two years, I teared up. Got misty.

My parents were also at the show tonight. This is their first long form improv show in 3 years I've been doing it. Amazing, huh? I didn't really censor myself because of them, but I was a little bit in my head because they were out there.

Anyway... that's my ramble for the night.

The strip... the strip... I found the magic button in Adobe Illustrator that makes word bubbles. Yay! But there were still some bugs in the system (the export to jpeg sucked a lot) so I had to do a lot of touchup.

Did Gina break my heart, all those years ago? Yeah, sure. The day I met her, she had a John Cusack quote on her whiteboard. Underneath was printed, "Which movie is this from?" I told her, "Grosse Pointe Blank, duh." She replied, "Yeah! That's one of my favorite movies! We should watch that sometime." So for our evening out, I had the DVD in my hands, the car for the evening to take her out... We went to TGIFridays and that was fun, although I felt quite on the spot. Searching for ways to not bore her. And feeling as though I was failing miserably.

I must've been, because we as we were driving back, she told me stories about this friend she had at home who'd tried to make something more happen with her and she didn't understand why guys would do that, try to be more than just friend. So she's sending me a signal, right? We went back to my dorm and she said, "You know, I'm feeling pretty tired. I think we should just call it a night." Crash goes the signal into my forehead.

So my best friend and other considerate dormmates got me distracted in the best way they knew how.

And I found out the next day, after rehydrating myself, that she had gone out that night. After ditching me.

The pain. The burn. I smoldered over it for days. I emailed Rick. I emailed her passive aggressively. I was so annoyed but I never broached the issue with her. Just got pissed, damn pissed.

Do they all end in sadness? I guess one won't. Still waiting on that one though.

Link time:

Thanks to Nick at BBoCS for the random links the past couple of days. We've got about a 20% bookmark rate, at least using the IE favicon log counter method. I think that's a pretty good ratio. I mean, I wish it were higher, but I also understand that it takes a while for me to add bookmarks to my list o' stuff to check. Lots of commitment there. Gina's so scared of commitment, I'm betting she's never bookmarked anything...

Song time: Troubled Times by Fountains of Wayne off their Utopia Parkway disc.

song taken down

When you think you've found something worth holding onto
Were you reaching for attention, hoping she would notice you
Collecting bottles and thrown-away cans
Like she was returnable
One day would refill your hands
How she loved you, all you imagined
fit so well into you plans

chorus: Maybe one day soon
It'll all come out
How you dream about each other sometimes
With a memory of
How you once gave up
But you made it through the troubled times

Pining away every hour in your room
Rolling with the motion, waiting til it's opportune
Sitting there watching time fly past you
Why do tomorrow
What you could never do
How she loved you
All you imagined
All the shit you put her through


And it takes a lot of nerve to ask how she is doing
Start with a weak foundation, you will end in ruins
The way the days and hours pass you'll never understand
Falling like rain through your hands