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Strip for 5/26/2001  
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In real life, all the girls I dated in high school had names ending with the "e" sound. For the sake of their privacy, I've changed strip Kip's past life. My brother still makes fun of me for it, though. When I tell him about new girls I'm interested in, he works out that if their name ends in the "e" sound, I'll at least manage to get a date. I haven't been having too much luck with the "a" enders.

The new Lord Of the Rings trailer is out, in icky Realmedia and wonderful Quicktime formats. It's still pretty cool. Even though the english blurb at the bottom warns of MASSIVE SPOILER, if you've read the books, there are no surprises.

My back hurts from latin dance class. We were doing dips last night in tango. I wasn't feeling too well going to the class, so having to contort (pretzel in mambo, anyone?) really messed me the heck up.

I'm feeling pretty OK today. Today is the day my school decides to act like a state school (ie, blow off work and party all day. All day). So in the past two years, there's been a lot of pressure to have the best time on Dillo Day. I'm no longer having such high expectations. I'll party in the morning and then see where the afternoon takes me.

I saw Shrek last night. It was a fun movie. It took me a little while to get into, however. I kept waiting for the "next generation of storytelling" or something, but it wasn't. The story was a nice, cute one, with some filler. The CG was pretty sweet, although the upcoming Final Fantasy movie will make Shrek look like South Park.

The thing about Shrek that got to me was that it was so deconstructionist for the purpose of entertaining adults. Yes, it was really funny at points, but I think Tiny Toon Adventures - How I Spent My Summer Vacation was a better blend. They didn't try to make kids be little cynical adults... but it rewarded twenty somethings too (just ask my siblings, who watched it much more than I did). The thing is, my little new niece, not to mention whatever kids I have, will grow watching these things. Not saying I didn't enjoy Shrek, but I'm wondering if kids should. All right, I'm off the soapbox.

Song time: Can anyone identify this song? I got it on a "Surge" cd back when they were launching the drink but I only ripped it. I never knew the name of the group. So please, someone, tell me what this is. (song removed for space reasons)

See you,