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Strip for 7/21/2001  
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Today marks the first day I've censored myself in Scrubs history. But since the joke is funnier (to me at least), I offer up the original version. With legal speak here: By clicking on the link following this incredibly long sentence and viewing the file, you signify that no legal action will be taken against the creators of Scrubs for their portrayal in the original artwork within, protected by the First Amendment and on and on and on since no malicious intent was intended (or seen by the creators in the first place). Link.

The funny thing is that between the two strips, I court reprisal from either religious types who don't like Apple loyalty compared to a religion or my litigiously inclined employer. You can see who I fear more. Or at least who pays me. :-)

So, Wednesday was a long tough day. But I made it, with only one 10 minute blackout. Went home after my meeting and took a shower, which felt wonderful. Stayed in there for a good 30 minutes. What water shortage? Then I went into the living room and got psyched up to go see Nick Hornby at Kepler's. The thing was that my roommate was supposed to drive me. But he was also conked out from staying up all night before. So I took the bus.

Did you know that I have the worst problems with scales on maps? I'm terrible. That and I naively believe in the street numbering system to get me around. That works in Milwaukee, mostly. And Chicago, sort of. And not at all in Silicon Valley.

So I ended up on a really long bus ride. Time was ticking... I got out the door at 6:45 and the reading started at 7:30. The bus ride took until 7:45 to get to Palo Alto, and I needed to get even farther north, to Menlo Park. I was on the 22 - Palo Alto, not the 22 Menlo Park. Yeesh. So I took a cab the rest of the way.

The place was packed. I could barely see him. He was reading from his new book (How To Be Good) but since I didn't hear the beginning it was sort of hard to get into it. However, I did get to hear the question and answer section which was very funny. "So, there have been a lot of book in the Nick Hornsby style-" started one question to which Mr Hornby replied, "Why is it when I come to America, I get an 's' in my name? Is it because of Bruce Hornsby? And I bet many of you can't even name a Bruce Hornsby song. I mean, it's not like my name is 'Bruce Springteen'." I was rolling in the aisle.

Afterwards, I got 2 copies of the book and waited in a massive line to get them signed. It took a long long time but finally I was within visual distance of him. I set my books down and he signed the first one to Sil and the other one to me and we had a bit of polite chitchat about how many pens he'd gone through that evening and how it was funny I was getting a copy for my friend in DC when he'd just been there the week before and she might've gotten one then. I slipped a piece of scratch paper on which I'd hurriedly jotted down "Scrubs - a webcomic - http://www.kipster.org/scrubs" onto the table and said, "We have a comic online and we'd be honored if you'd take a look at it." He politely agreed (people were so polite all night there). I was so nervous that I forgot to shake his hand. Ah well. Maybe next book.

Then I went home by train and again, miscalculated the scale on the map and ended up about 2 miles from my apartment with no easy bus route back. Not a terrible walk, but it was late and I'd been up for about 42 hours by that time. I couldn't reach my roommates to come get me so I started walking. Finally made it home (in time for the Simpsons) and showed off my personalized prizes. And then slept the dreamiest sleep I've had since the first couple days I was here.

And that was my Wednesday.