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Strip for 8/9/2001  
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Sil returns. Isn't this awesome? So the inspiration for this strip is NBC's new sitcom Scrubs, which of course shares our name. I haven't gotten any email yet about whether we're linked, but I hope it either does well and gives us hits (while not taking us off the main google search page for the term "scrubs") or does terribly and goes off the air quickly. Judging from the 30 second spots on NBC, I'm thinking that it will be the latter... The second part of the joke comes from the stereotype that Asian parents love it when their kids become doctors. Neither one of my siblings elected to go into practicing medicine and of course I haven't. But my parents are pretty cool with our life decisions (although they refused to fund a career in drama for me) so I think that that the stereotype is losing its relevancy. However, it's funny now, so quick! Get your funny while it's hot.

Hey, Sil is now 21! 10 more days and I'll be there too. Wish her a belated happy birthday!

So, you may have been scared by the dramatic blurb from last Friday, and by the lack of a comic yesterday (b/c I was waiting for this strip). But fear not. My depressions only last about 3 days and although this one was longer (3 days of depression about the movie + 3 days of depression about Sparky), I am officially "doing better."

And that's mostly because I got to talk to Sil for a while last night and she told me to buck up and really take a look at what I thought I was missing in my life and to see that it's not that big a deal. So I think I've got a handle on my angst and we're ready to go forth and have some fun again.

Of course, that wasn't the case last night. I wanted to go indoor rock climbing to work out my aggressions. We went to Planet Granite in Sunnyvale last Wednesday (pre depression) and I had a great time. I went insane, at times dangling from 2 points while a flailing leg sought purchase at a faraway hold. Other times, making huge leaps for a small support just out of reach. Anyway, I figured that it'd be nice to go there and feel the fear of falling and realize that things weren't so bad.

But we didn't end up going. Instead, we hit the pool hall and while hitting things with sticks is usually wonderful for anger management, it sucks trying to hit things accurately while pissed. I did make some satisfyingly forceful shots but on the whole I sucked it up. So did everyone else so 4 games took and embarassingly long amount of time to complete.

But then we had Kripy Kremes so life was better. Until that third donut... the donut that kills. I got to see them being made and whew, between the river of grease and the waterfall of frosting, I'm not sure which part of the process I like more. We got donuts fresh from the line and they were truly hot pieces of heaven.

So, that's about it for me.