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Strip for 10/13/2001  
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I think you can tell a lot about somebody by seeing what they consume in our capitalist society. I'm a media consumer. I'll buy CD's, books, movies, etc at the drop of a hat. Sil will borrow them from me. She buys art supplies infrequently, but in great quantities and at great deals, I'm told. I don't know the value of these implements.

And that sums up a lot that's wrong with my sense of prosperity... I have no idea what things are worth. This was apparent when I was buying stuff for my apartment. I had no clue whether 7$ for a bathmat was a good idea, or $8 for 2 filet mignons at Jewel. However, I know that you can get 512 MB of RAM for $40 now (2 256MB sticks), so I'm not worthless.

Finally, why do paperbacks cost so much these days? I understand graphic novels being expensive, because of the printing costs and glossy paper... but these "value added" paperbacks with their satin finish covers and elegant typefaces.... why are they $12-14?

At some point in time, I'm going to add the little URL thing in today's strip to all the strips. Sometime.

I still haven't seen this TV show Scrubs. Is it good? Anyone? Anyone?

Survivor 3 is here, and I must admit, I watch the show. I got hooked to the first one about halfway through. I watched all of last spring's and now that I have cable (read: no more staticky ickiness of last year) I think I'll enjoy it a lot more. Although much of the fun last year came from watching different people futzing with the antenna in an attempt to clear the fuzz.

I talked to Sil and she's living it up in Madrid this weekend. Lucky girl...

Had the first improv show of the year on Thursday night. If anyone wants to see me perform, my group plays Thursdays at 10:00 in Chicago. Email me for more info. The show went well, with a 100% increase in audience size within the first 10 minutes, which heartened me greatly. It was a blast playing with so many old friends and it reminded me how important performing has become to me over the years.

I'm an exhibitionist... but you knew that. You're reading this, aren't you?